Our 2024 Ministry Plan

The First Baptist Church At The Villages Executive Committee, comprised of the Pastoral Staff and four lay persons selected from, and approved by the congregation, must annually put together a Ministry Plan and Budget for the coming year.

The Ministry Plan consists of a restatement or confirmation of our Purpose, Mission and Vision as God's Church; our priorities for the coming year; where the church's ministry emphases will be placed; and our pursuits for the year.

At the same time the Ministry Plan and Budget are presented, the Executive Committee also recommends Deacons who will serve for the coming year and new members of the Executive Committee to replace those whose term of service has expired.

This year, as we prepare for the retirement of Lead Pastor Bob Perry, the Executive Committee was also charged with forming a Lead Pastor Search Team. The Lead Pastor Search Team is comprised of the four lay members of the Executive Committee as well as three additional members who will represent the congregation at large. The three additional lay persons were recommended for congregational approval alongside the Deacons and new Executive Committee lay persons. 

In accordance with Church Policy, all of these matters must be presented to the congregation and approved by a ballot vote. All were presented to the congregation on Sunday, November 5, 2023, and approved by ballot vote on Sunday, November 19, 2023.

The documents presented to the congregation for review and approval have all been uploaded and can be reviewed by clicking on the links below.