Community Groups exist to connect, care for, and challenge those within the group.
Every church member is placed in a Community Group based on their home address upon joining the church. “Regular attenders” are invited to join their local group, as well. A vital aspect of your experience of “Being church” is in and through your engagement with your Community Group.
Groups meet on a regular basis and seek to identify, communicate and meet the needs of their members wherever possible.
Group members connect with each other in many ways. Here are just a few ways you can be involved, meet others’ needs, and stay connected to those in your group.
· Make phone calls to stay in touch
· Deliver meals or groceries
· Organize meals or events
· Visit new group members
· Visit the sick
· Deliver prayer shawls
· Provide transportation
· Sitting (for Caregiver Support)
· Pray for group members
· Host or lead a Bible study or Fellowship Group
If you are a church member or attend worship on a regular basis but are unsure about what group you are in, please call the church office at 352.205.7114. We will be glad to give you information about your group and have its leader contact you. You may also complete and submit the form below and the church office will respond with the information you have requested.