Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are questions that most often come to mind in this process. If you have additional questions, scroll down to the form located at the bottom of this page. You may submit your question(s) and you will be contacted with an answer as soon as possible. 

How is Pastor Bob’s health?
Pastor Bob has completed both chemotherapy for prostate cancer and hyperbaric oxygen therapy for radiation cystitis.  The residual side effects from this treatment and therapy have mostly subsided. He continues to gain strength and energy.

When is Pastor Bob going to retire?
Pastor Bob has said, “If the Lord wills, my ‘last day’ as your Lead Pastor will be when this process is completed.  God knows all things.  He knows the end date of all our lives—and everything that will happen between now and then.  It is my prayerful conviction that I will not leave you without a new shepherd.

Are Pastor Bob and Karen staying at FBCATV once he retires?
It is Pastor Bob and Karen’s intention to remain as members of FBCATV and fully support the new Lead Pastor.

Why a consultant?
The changing dynamics of “doing church” in the 21st century and the complexities of securing qualified and capable pastoral leadership prompted the Executive Committee to seek outside counsel.  The benefits of having an “expert” of whom to ask questions and from whom to receive direction are invaluable.

How much does a consultant cost?
The initial cost of Succession Planning is $10,000. The cost for the Search Process is set at 30% of the new Lead Pastor’s annual salary. Budget funds were available for expenses incurred in 2023. In addition, the 2024 budget recommendation will include anticipated costs for the search process and the new Lead Pastor’s salary.

How will the congregation be involved in the process?
The selection of a Lead Pastor is the most significant aspect of FBCATV functioning as a congregation.  That functioning includes affirming the members of the Lead Pastor Search Team and the new Lead Pastor, both by congregational vote.  It also includes receiving input from the congregation in the initial “Launch Weekend” with our Consultant in January of 2024.  Furthermore, throughout the process, the congregation is encouraged to be praying—fervently and continuously—and participating—in the life and mission of Jesus Christ and His church—Glorifying God, Engaging People, and Being Church.

Why an “overlap”?
This is a relatively new approach to pastoral transitions, but it has proven to be highly effective.  Rather than the church being without a Lead Pastor for a time or having an Interim Pastor for a season, the “overlap” helps ensure continuity of ministry and pastoral leadership.

Has someone already been selected?
No!  Only God knows who He has determined will be the next Lead Pastor of FBCATV.  He knew that before the creation of the world.  Our goal in this search process is to discern God’s will and move with Him to realize the accomplishment of it.

Will it be someone within the church?

No!  Both Pastor Charles and Pastor Hugh have indicated that they do not wish to be considered for service as the next Lead Pastor.

Can the congregation submit names for consideration?
Yes!  At the appropriate time, the method for receiving names for consideration will be clearly communicated.  All names submitted for consideration will be given to Vanderbloemen for integration into the search process.

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