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Membership - Biblical Basis

An individual's membership in a local church is, first and foremost, recognized by God upon that person's belief in Jesus and subsequent baptism by immersion (Acts 2:41, 47). Only then, does the local church acknowledge and affirm that work of God and receive that person into the fellowship of the church.

Membership - The Meaning

Membership at First Baptist Church At The Villages is a relationship between the individual member and the church collectively, based on mutual commitment to one another.

  • The commitments of individual members to the church include:
    • Protecting the unity of the church.
    • Supporting the testimony of the church.
    • Serving the ministry of the church.
    • Sharing the responsibility of the church.
  • The commitments of the church to its individual members include
    • Fostering a loving, Christian-family atmosphere
    • Encouraging spiritual growth and maturity
    • Providing training and equipping for service
    • Engaging each member in the Biblical purposes for the church

Membership - The Options

First Baptist Church recognizes individuals as Members or Associate Members, Both require the same basis - the belief and baptism. The status of Associate Member denotes dual membership in this and another church.

Membership - The Process

Participation in the church's Membership Class is a prerequisite to Membership. An individual, couple, or family may indicate their desire to attend the class by checking the "Membership" box on the Connection Card provided in the weekly Worship Bulletin or by signing up on the church's website at