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God's Blessing To Glorify God


It’s a word—prompting progress toward a goal.

It’s an activity—pursuing spiritual advancement.

It’s a movement—advancing the kingdom of God.

It’s also a Capital Stewardship Campaign—enhancing the ministry and
expanding the facilities of First Baptist Church At The Villages.

You, as church family or church friend, are invited to embark on a
spiritual journey that holds the potential to be a life-transforming
experience.  This endeavor is about far more than giving money
and building buildings. It is about preparing ourselves, individually and
collectively, for walking with God into the future He has planned for us.

The "Onward" booklet contains complete details about the campaign.
It is accompanied by a 40-Day Devotional Guide. They are available here, online. Just click below. Together, they are essential equipment—reference manuals or road maps—for this journey.

And, watch this webpage for updates and other reports as the campaign and building project progresses.

Where are we going?
What will happen along the way?
Ultimately, only God knows.
But His clear calling for each one of us is to
take a next step with Him—Onward!

Click here to read more details in the "Onward" booklet.






Click here to access the 40-Day Devotional Guide.







Watch the architect's flyover: Join Pastor Bob Perry as he invites you to view the architect's vision for the current Worship Center and the vision for the proposed facility expansion.